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Why You Should Do Whatever Makes You Happy When It Comes to Your Wedding

Chances are, your wedding day will be the biggest, happiest day of you and your spouse’s life. With so many memories created on your wedding day, there can be a lot of pressure put on making your day perfect. The best way you and your partner can create your ideal day? By doing what makes you happy.

That’s right, don’t listen to how anyone tells you to plan your wedding day. And that doesn’t just go for what your family and friends try and get you to do, that goes for the stereotypes and trends you see in magazines and on wedding blogs. These are not based on your life, they are based on the lives of other couples (who are not you and your fiancé). Don’t make fake rules for yourself. It’s your day. No one can tell you what to do or how to do it. Sure, you may see big trends in all the latest wedding magazines, but that doesn’t mean they’re right for the two of you as a couple. Magazines are full of outdoor weddings, but you wouldn’t get married outside if you really wanted to get married in your childhood church, would you? It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing, you don’t have to do it too.

Since the beginning of time, people have been planning their wedding around traditions that couples have been honoring forever. Prime example? The makeup of the wedding party. Traditionally, couples choose bridesmaids or groomsmen that are of the same gender, and make the number equal to the number their spouse is having, for the sake of symmetry. But what would make you happy? Being a bride with your three best guy friends since childhood standing by your side, or struggling to find five girlfriends just because your groom is having five groomsmen? Forget what everyone else is doing, do what you want to do.

While it’s important not to let others pressure you into doing what they want for your wedding day, it’s also very important not to strain relationships when people tell you how they want you to spend your day. Is Mom urging you to invite the second cousin you haven’t spoken to since you were eight? Instead of telling Mom off, tell her you appreciate her suggestion and that you will take it into consideration. Never commit to anything anyone urges you to do, unless you truly want to do it and plan to implement it into your wedding.

While making your own decisions about your wedding is important, it is also very important to compromise with your partner (and only your partner). Yes, you should do what makes you happy. But this wedding day isn’t just about you, it’s about your soon-to-be spouse too. Marriage is about give and take so if you are giving into your partner’s wishes, make sure they are equally doing that same. Your wedding day starts off the rest of your life, make sure the two of you start it together, and as happy as you can possibly be.

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