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The Pros and Cons to a DIY Wedding

One common trend among brides for the 2016 wedding scene is the DIY wedding. With sites such as Pinterest, the Knot and the DIY Network, crafting your whole wedding from start to finish seems like it’d be the best choice, right? From chalkboards to mason jars, the culture behind personalizing every aspect of your special day is both exciting and intimidating. Although there are some definite benefits to creating your wedding from scratch, there are also some major cons when it comes to attempting to do everything yourself. Whether you’re interested in doing a DIY wedding for yourself or a loved one, here are some pros and cons that you’ll definitely want to keep in mind.


Aside from saving money and finally putting your glue gun to use, there are many different pros to planning a DIY wedding. You may find that this project opens up an unrecognized talent of crafting, or maybe that you’re just a really great delegator of tasks! Either way, you’ll find that the good may just outweigh the bad…

DIY Saves Money

The main reason why any bride would opt to craft all of the decorations for her wedding herself is to ultimately save money. I mean, at the end of the day who isn’t satisfied with knowing that they achieved a $10,000 wedding with a $5,000 budget? Frugal weddings are hip, as they show off your taste without you having to spend a whole mortgage and a half on simple things like décor and food. This will give you the opportunity to put more money towards more meaningful things like your honeymoon or even your dress.

DIY Shows Your Personality

DIY weddings are a great way to show off your personality. Whether you’re a glam diva or a minimalist, creating a wedding that is the definition of everything you love will make your day even more special. Some great DIY themes have stemmed from everyday things such as libraries, Harry Potter, carnivals, and even superheroes. Spending the time to design your décor and theme the way you’d like will give your guests a more personable experience, and you’ll have the chance to weed out the things you don’t really need.


Something that no one realizes is that DIY weddings are a lot of work, depending on how much you actually intend on doing yourself. Piling too much on your plate could lead to many things being forgotten, not being completed or turning out absolutely horrible. Here are a couple of reasons why you may want to reconsider doing it yourself: